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Nov 26, 2012 03:38 PM

Kosher [Middlesex or Monmouth Counties, NJ]

Any decent kosher restaurants in Middlesex or Monmouth Counties?

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  1. I think you will have the best luck with a reply if you post on the kosher board.

    Monmouth County has a few in the Long Branch/Deal area. I want to say there is one called Stefano's, though I've never been. In Middlesex County, the food at The Orchid (in Metuchen) is pretty good, but the ambience leaves a bit to be desired. I'm not sure if it's in Middlesex County, but there is a kosher Chinese place called Lin's in Somerville that's also pretty good (again, ambience leaves a bit to be desired).

    But again, you will probably get a lot more response and debate if you post specifically in the Kosher board, rather than in the New Jersey board.

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      I also like The Orchid but I'd recommend it for takeout only. We ate at the restaurant once and it was an awkward space.

      Lin's in Manville was actually the first place to come to my mind, but I checked and it's in Somerset County. They deliver to the New Brunswick/Highland Park area and possibly other areas of Middlesex County if you order enough.

      For kosher Chinese food in the area you mentioned, I'd suggest Kosher Chinese Express in Manalapan. You order at the counter and they have a few tables but it seems setup mostly for takeout.

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        Stefanos is closed for the winter. Chocolate Soda, back to nature, slices, 656... All open

      2. Highland Park has
        1) Park Place, which is a reasonably nice burger joint, with ribs, hot dogs, etc. Kind of limited menu, but fine for what it is.
        2) There's a Chinese Restaurant, Mei Garden, which has gotten so-so reviews, but I think it's fine, with nice seating.
        3) Jerusalem Pizza. If this mean anything to you, it's nice for a kosher pizza place. They've got salads, soups, fish platters, etc.
        4) Sushiana - wonderful sushi and some fish- really terrific.
        5) I don't know what level of Kashrus you're looking for, but on Ryders Lane in Milltown there's a kosher deli restaurant and take out Quite good food, but it's open on Saturday's, but it does have a Conservative kashruth certification.

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        1. re: helou

          Of the four Highland Park restaurants, I most often choose Park Place. My favorites are the chili burger, hot bites (boneless chicken in spicy sauce, like fire poppers) and buffalo wings. One thing I would not order again is their soup which seemed like it was made from a mix with a few added veggies/noodles. I wish they would add a few vegetables to their menu, especially ones that aren't deep fried (though the onion flower is delicious).

          1. re: Hanale

            I have to agree with you there, Hanale. That's what I meant by limited menu.

        2. Recent addition in Middlesex County - Eddie's Falafel in South River

          I went to Eddie's Falafel a few weeks ago and ordered the shwarma in a lafa with hummus, tehina and Israeli salad inside and harif (spicy sauce) on the side. I really enjoyed the shwarma - the meat was well spiced and the lafa itself was good quality.

          Two issues: (1) When we walked in, it was mid-afternoon (not a regular meal time) and you could tell they had just cleaned and I didn't want to smell that while I ate. I had already been considering whether to eat there or take my food to go, and that decided it for me. (2) I asked for pickles and was really surprised to hear that they were out. Thankfully when we got home, I had a can of Israeli pickles in the pantry.

          I enjoyed my dinner and would go back, probably again for takeout and if I can get there in time, their lunch special.

          Has anyone else tried it yet?

          1. An update... For anyone planning to be in the long branch/deal/ shore area
            The following restaurants are open-
            - chocolate soda
            - down to earth
            - diet gourmet
            - slices
            - twisted
            - igloo
            - dougies