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LACMA Restaurants

Going to the Caravaggio show at LACMA and am looking for a good lunch - no burgers or pizza or deli. Recommendations would be appreciated. Also, how are the restaurants at the Museum? Thanks everyone.

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  1. Just eat at Ray's inside LACMA. Very good food. Good Cocktails too.

    1. I also like Ray's - and other good restaurants within walking distance are pretty limited. If you're willing to drive, the field opens up.

      1. I like Ray's, and a visit to LACMA is about the only reason to go -- for me anyway.

        If you don't eat at the museum, I would suggest Mendocino Farms (sandwiches, but it's way more than a "deli"), or Yuko for teriyaki bowls.

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          Dang ipse, you go to Yuko's too?! Your gullet gets around!!!

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            I have a close friend that works at CBS TV.

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              I got to Yuko's once a week at least! i was iffy about it at first but now i found the things i really love so i go there a lot more.

          2. Does Ray's take reservations? If so, get them, this exhibition should be big. If you want to stay casual, there are usually a ton of food trucks parked on Wilshire, directly across from the museum.

            If you don't want to eat at LACMA, and you can walk a little, you're fairly close to the Old Farmer's Market and the Grove--I think it would be a 10-15 minute walk.

            Tom Bergin's is also fairly close, but I've never been a fan.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions! One more question... how far is Son of a Gun from LACMA? Walking distance. That was a suggestion from a friend...

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                It's probably a good 15-20 minute hike from LACMA

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                  You can walk there, but make sure you have comfortable shoes. It's a bit of a journey but I've done it a few times.

                2. bump, anything near LACMA not related to Ray or Stark in 2014?

                  Need to meet at the bar later on at night, so looking for an early birthday dinner (around 5-6p). Gotta cancel my friggin primetime res to Angelini (argh).

                  Walkable or < 10 minute drive preferred.

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                      AOC? It's 1.7 miles away (according to Google map). Or any of the places in Little Ethiopia?

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                        my short list is now AOC/SOAG/Mastro's,

                        What's the difference between Mastro's Steakhouse vs Mastro's Penthouse?

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                          crisis averted: evidently angelini osteria has A LOT more availability than open table lets on.

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                            That's a known deal for them. They restrict the open table reservations but if you call them they have availability.

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                        Ink is a 10 minute drive, but of course is all booked up.

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                          The new Plan Check or Golden State both on Fairfax just minutes away.