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Nov 26, 2012 03:02 PM

Best Monday Carry In/Eat Out? [Detroit Area]

OK, I'm weird - by the time Monday rolls around, I generally want to eat out. At that point I've made 1-2 "local" dinners from Royal Oak Farmers Market or Eastern Market - roasted veggies, etc., and maybe we've gone to a relative's house on Sunday too (for "WASP cooking" aka not highly spiced meat and 2 veg). So by Monday I REALLY want a burger, or ethnic, or something exciting - on the day when many options are closed and others not open.

What are all y'alls ideal Monday meals? We do a lot of meatless throughout the week, so our Mondays may or may not be meatless, but it isn't a "thing" we're trying to do either. I'm just trying to avoid another dinner of cheese + Triscuits, standing up in the kitchen.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Please keep in mind that Pizzeria Biga has half price pizza and pasta on Mondays. If u get there before 6 the house wine and good draft beer is half price, too. It's a great deal, and before pre-judging the deal as an "American pig out," have a look at the menu! :-)
      PS--i wasn't blown away by the linguine w/clam sauce, though. Just good.

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        Excellent idea, we went with my in-laws tonight. The pizza was good, as always, and the 50% off was pretty nice.

      2. Roma Cafe in Detroit (northern end of the Eastern Market area) has an all-you-can-eat buffet on Monday for $17. Good sampling of their old-school Italian food.

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          Interesting. I've still never tried Roma Cafe.
          HillsofBeverly, wish I'd known you were Biga tonight, because I was there, too. :-)
          I had wild mushroom ragu pasta which was quite good, and a pasta with homemade sausage / tomato / cream / truffle oil. $7 ea. Nice!, especially in that groovy atmosphere.

          1. re: VTB

            Well, I was wearing my Groucho glasses and beret, I don't know how you missed me!

            I had the prosciutto/arugula pizza, ALWAYS my fave. I try others, I always go back. Good the next day too.