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Nov 26, 2012 02:58 PM

Healthyish pizzas? [moved from San Francisco Bay Area board]

Hi all,
Any Ideas for semi-healthy pizza recipes (toppings and crust)?

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  1. Well you can healthy-up a standard crust by using healthier toppings - less cheese, more veggies, less fatty meats, use chicken instead of pepperoni, healthier sauces or less of it.....

    OR you can take a healthier crust & put on healthier toppings besides.....use more whole wheat flour if making a homemade crust, use a pita bread instead of a pizza crust, make the crust thinner, or just have a smaller crust.....

    1. I made some individual pizzas this week for DH and me, using onion flatbread (the pita kind, not the tortilla kind). I used a smaller amount of fresh mozzarella, since it's so watery, and added parmesan for more flavor. When I use dry mozzarella, I always pile it on, so I think the fresh would be a healthier choice. Most of the toppings were vegetables, with a few slices of low fat smoked sausage.
      That onion flatbread made a great crust, and it's low fat.

      1. Lots of bread products can be used for the crust: English muffins, bagel halves, pita rounds, lavash bread, tortillas, whole wheat baguettes.

        For meat, use ham or cappicola instead of pepperoni & sausage. You can make a white pizza using a thin layer of part skim ricotta as the base, sprinkle some herbs then top with cooked chicken or turkey and some fresh grated Parm or pecorino. Hard cheeses are good to use since they have less fat and are stronger flavored, so you can use less. You can spread crusts with a low oil pesto sauce and top with some halved shrimp and red pepper flakes. Or just slice some fresh tomatoes, (you may want to salt and drain a bit first so they don't make it soggy) and top with some herbs. You will probably need to add some olive oil for browning and crisping, but you can use a mister so that you can control the amount of oil. And fresh greens added at the last minute are tasty too, like spinach, arugula, radicchio, and basil & parsley.

        1. I've not tried it yet, but I've read of using cauliflower as the main crust ingredient. Instructions are within this recipe:

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            juliejulez, Thanks! I'm gonna have to try this recipe

          2. what's unhealthy about pizza?

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              It tastes good, anything that taste good has to be considered unhealthy.

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                JMF...possibly the trashy white flour....processed, fatty meats/cheese?

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                  By far the biggest issue for me is the carbs, so I prefer a thinner crust. I am thinking of trying a crust made from chickpea flour.

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                    hmmm, interesting...and I believe Whole Foods sells a frozen brown rice pizza crust. Haven't tried it though.