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Nov 26, 2012 02:31 PM

san leandro/bay area during the holidays

I will be based in San Leandro for about 10 days around christmas with husband and two teens, one of whom is eats no meat, and my parents, one of whom is in a wheelchair. While we will cook our regular italian family feast for the holiday, we will also be celebrating two birthdays and would like to know of some great, wheelchair accessible places to eat for both lunch and dinner in san leandro and surrounding area during that time. We are all pretty adventurous and down with asian of all stripes, mexican, fish, barbecue, vegan, lunch trucks, really whatever is good. Especially interested in treating vegetarian daughter to someplace she will really love, maybe in SF(?) for her 16th bday. Price points can vary--not interested in breaking the bank at every meal and there will likely be 7-8 of us dining at least 2-3 times. Grateful for any pointers.

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  1. The San Leandro branch of Daimo is good for Honk Kong seafood etc.

    Korean BBQ at 1292 Davis St. is solid.

    There are all kinds of food trucks at the Wednesday evening farmers market.

    For a nice place without leaving SL, Paradiso. They're definitely wheelchair-accessible.

    Splurge vegetarian, maybe Greens in SF. Food has had its ups and downs but the view is spectacular.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      san leandro evening farmers market is over for the year (4/18/12-10/17/12).

    2. Gather in Berkeley has a menu offering something tasty for all diners. Check on wheelchair access as It's been a while since my one visit and I don't recall how close tables are spaced.

      Daimo can be chilly so dress in layers ( I don't like to wear my coat while dining)

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      1. re: Stephanie Wong

        Gather's accessible. All restaurants built out recently have to be.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Thank you! Making notes of all these suggestions. Any great bakeries in the area??

            1. re: baconbitgirl

              mainstream bakeries no.
              -a well known black bakery recently moved out of the 'dro.
              -las pacittas salvodorean bakery, 14750 E. 14th St. so so pastries, very good tamales, pupusas,
              -Silva Bakery -18363 mission blvd. hayward (behind jack in box) past the outskirts of the 'dro. portuguese bakery. portuguese egg tarts are fantastic here. many breads here are similar to Phillipine ones. hours are erratic. call first.

            2. re: Robert Lauriston

              My concern re: wheelchair accessibility is the ease of rolling through the restaurant to reach one's seating. Some places have tables so close to each other that maneuverability becomes an issue. I used to dislike bumping the other seated patrons or being stuck close to the drafty front entrance. That issue unlike restrooms, etc. isn't universal in ADA compliance but can still detract from one's overall experience.

          1. -ming tasty and delight cafe (same area as daimo) are packing in the chinese biz, food probably better
            than daimo.
            -korean on davis doesn't compare to oaktown nor hayward's korean eateries..
            -good burritos at the los pericos (3) on E.14thst and good portuguese sammies
            @Lusa Mercada Deli, 15100 E.14th St.
            -inexpensive japanese fare in upscale ambience @rock & roll sushi -579 Floresta Blvd.
            -Vallarta @14366 E.14th St. offers fine mex food. but they gay. just a note.

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            1. re: shanghaikid

              I don't know if Delight Cafe is better than Daimo. DC offers 3 dishes for like $17. There's a large number of dishes you can choose from and they cook it quite competently. I still think Daimo's food is better.

              DC opened a sister restaurant in the Greenhouse (Washington & Fargo in San Leandro). This place serves dim sum and has the same 3 dish specials for dinner. Gets really crowded.

              1. re: cvpoker

                i've never seen crowds at daimo. (not that i was looking). conversely, ming tasty, delight cafe, and the greenhouse place are packed constantly.. seems the crowds have decided.

                1. re: shanghaikid

                  Enjoyed my one meal at Delight Cafe. Know the name of the place in the Greenhouse?

                  1. re: shanghaikid

                    My take is that price/performance is better at DC but that doesn't necessarily mean the food is better. Maybe the crowds want the cheaper dinner. I'm not saying DC is bad, I like DC, but I think the food is better at Daimo but it is more expensive.

                    I was at Daimo last Saturday night and all but one table had diners so it wasn't empty.