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Nov 26, 2012 02:11 PM

Any decent restaurants near GWCC for dinner?

I'm heading to Atlanta on business. I will be at the Georgia World Congress Center -- without a car. I think this is my first time at this location. Is there anything decent in the area for dinner? I can take a taxi if it is not too far. I can also take public transportation. My per diem is $60 a day -- but I use that generally for dinner.

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  1. The GWCC is located downtown, which is a tough location with only a few options. Here is a previous thread that may be helpful:

    If you search for terms like GWCC, convention center or downtown, you'll find other threads. If you are willing to take the train (MARTA) it will open up lots of options in Decatur, Midtown and Buckhead.

    1. Depends a lot on what you mean by decent.
      Yes, MARTA is good option.
      Otherwise check out the Luckie-Marietta district website.
      That will give you options near the GWCC. Also check out the website for Lunacy Black Market. Very short cab ride from where you'll be.