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Bread pudding recs?

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Hi - A friend of mine is trying to find a place with good bread pudding for this weekend, anyone have any good ideas?

i read somewhere that blue ribbon has a good version, anyone tried it?


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  1. Unlikely but true: the Westside Restaurant (actually a diner or luncheonette), Broadway at 69th Street. If you like the custardy kind.

    1. I really liked the banana pecan pie bread pudding at Marc Forgione.

      1. blue ribbon bakery's version with vanilla ice cream is pretty phenomenal...though, i rarely eat dessert anymore. definitely good for 3 people. the bread they use, the ice cream...it all works.

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          If you go to Blue Ribbon Izakaya, they serve it with ginger ice cream -- and it's the best ginger ice cream ever. Very creamy with a strong ginger flavor. I actually am not a fan of bread puddings but love Blue Ribbon's version, especially as they caramelize the top. The crispness goes well with the creamy interior.

        2. I haven't been to Blue Ribbon, but since people are posting their favorites, I've really liked the bread pudding dessert at Hundred Acres.

          1. ok thanks guys!

            if anyone else has any recs would be happy to hear them

            1. This wont get a lot of love I'm sure, but Carmine's in Times Square (44th)...that's right...serves up a great chocolate-y bread pudding. Tiny bit too much cinnamon, maybe, but good nonetheless.

              1. I am generally not a big fan of bread pudding, but Anita Lo's Poppyseed Bread and Butter Pudding with Meyer Lemon Curd that I had at Annisa this past March made me swoon.

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                  oh interesting, i read somewhere else than Annisa does a good rendition

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                    Boy, do I ever have the answer for you.
                    Decadent and dense is the best doggone apple cinnamon bread pudding ever made, by La Boite en Bois, a cute little French walk-down on 68th & Columbus. To die for.
                    (I am drooling all over my keyboard just thinking about it)

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                      hmm interesting, ive never heard of this places....thanks!