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Nov 26, 2012 01:21 PM

Chef Paul McCabe to La Valencia

I just got a lead in the post below that McCabe may no longer be at Delicias, and sure enough, a web search produced a UT article that he is taking over as Exec. Chef at La Valencia. This is a shocker. He was billed as Chef/Partner at Delicias, where he revamped things to rave reviews when his new menu appeared last May. One can only speculate, of course, but for him to be leaving his Delicias position so soon suggests that one side or both became quite unhappy with the other over something more serious than what's coming out of the kitchen.

Those of us who live closer to La Jolla than R.S.F. are, of course, thrilled.

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  1. Yeah, DD reported this back on Oct 25th.

    Shame, as we hadn't been to Delicias with McCabe and had been excited to go again until we heard the news. So do you know who is heading up the kitchen now?

    1. Rumor is he's gone from LaV, too.

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      1. re: Fake Name

        I believe you are thinking of Luke Johnson who is running the Sky Room maybe. He is out end of year. Maybe I’m wrong though but with the mismanagement of their remodel, I wouldn’t be surprised to see McCabe out either.

        Truth be told, it isn't a shocker McCabe didn't last long outside of a hotel setting. While I commend him on copying a lot of the modern type trends and trying to put them out there for San Diegans to sample, for the most part the type of food he was doing can be seen as pretentious and tough to approach unless you are specifically looking for that type of dining experience. Very few people are, and then take having to drive out to RSF (let alone drive out with a couple glasses of wine in you) and this move kind of adds up.

        Running a standalone restaurant is so different and significantly more difficult from a hotel restaurant that doesn't necessarily need to post solid profits on food and labor to stay afloat. A lot of Chefs are not able to make that change. So I guess this is a lesson learned for him - stick in the safer hotel settings.

        1. re: mjill

          That is what I have heard from hotel staff and insiders. Sky Room will be closing after New Years Eve, never had the proper licenses or permits for any of the remodels in the last two decades. No plans to reopen at this time.

      2. Article in eater San Diego says the space will be used for private catered events. So no more restaurant. hope McCabe stays in SD and lands somewhere or does his own thing.

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        1. re: chris2269

          McCabe will still be at La Valencia, they're just not going to have the Sky Room be one of the dining options.

        2. Wishing Chef Paul all the best.

          Is the beloved Whaling Bar staying, along with the mural, dark booths and old school service?
          IMHO, it seems like the new owners of LaV bought the trophy prize for their collection of pedestrian motels.

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Totally agree. I fear the worst. Didn't someone say the Whaling Bar was to become a sports bar? And what is their famous drink? I only remember drinking one and stumbling out. . .

              1. re: pickypicky

                Sports bar at LaV?? just doesn't fit, I hope not. That would be like having table side service with white linens, candlelabra's and a somilier at Super Sergio's.

                1. re: cstr

                  You might be onto something there with Super Sergio's.... it will no longer be known as a taco stand but the beating heart of baja med cuisine on Convoy.

              2. re: Beach Chick

                All being torn our after the first of the year, all servers and bartenders associated with it fired. It is supposedly becoming one big, open, free-flowing Mediterranean bistro encompassing the spaces occupied by Cafe La Rue, Whaling Bar, Mediterranean Room and the front patio. Mural relocated to somewhere else in the hotel.