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Nov 26, 2012 01:17 PM

Best place to get 10+ lbs lobster meat?

I need lobster meat for lobster rolls. Thinking Hunts Point Fish Market - wondered if anyone had a fave vendor. Do I need to order in advance? Are current prices posted somewhere? thanks.

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  1. Any vendor is good for "just meat". Prices are never posted. You have to ask. Go to Hunt's Point at about 7-8AM, late for the good stuff, and tell the purveyors you want lobster remnants, the dead and broken pieces. You'll get a good price. Cook when and clean right away you get back to your kitchen. It will keep a while once it's cooked. Bring cash.

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    1. I'm not sure how much they get to park at the market nowadays, but here's a list of vendors you might want to seek out. For lobster meat it's ... Beyer, Blue Ribbon, and Crown.
      Look -->

      I like John's idea of seeking out the culls and such too. Take your time and do a little browsing.

      1. Most of the lobster meat that goes into lobster rolls is frozen claws and knuckles from Maine and Canada. This is not a bad thing.
        Hunts Point should have it if you want qhick and easy.
        Otherwise, the cull suggestion works for me. I like some tali meat in my homemade lobster rolls.
        A local fish market can probably get you some of the frozen stuff if you special order.