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Nov 26, 2012 01:18 PM

zeytinia trouble? [Croton]

Was just there today and it had that "sparse" look when a place is in trouble. Whole shelves in the freezer, cheese area, and "fancy bean" area that were empty. No milk in the refrigerator (though it was being restocked). I know there was some serious legal issues brought out in the newspaper this past summer. Has anyone noticed some serious problems there lately?

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    1. I heard they were changing owners.

      1. I was just discussing this with friends this weekend--yes, we have noticed very serious problems lately! As you pointed out, sparsely stocked cheeses (which used to be fabulous) the most notable to me, also way less of their homemade dips, cut fruits, etc...I have also noticed lately a deterioration of cleanliness, and "off" odors. The owners are currently facing charges of large scale tax evasion--too bad, I used to love the market.

        1. They lost power for quite awhile after Sandy. Had to discard much of the perishables. I don't know if there are other issues, but that could explain the empty shelves. Maybe there are cash flow issues related to lost sales and waiting for insurance?

          However, my husband shopped there tonight and said he noticed things were quite sparse in the produce department. So, dunno.

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            I go there at least twice a week, and yesterday was a real change from what I've observed over the last month since Sandy. Maybe cash flow is a problem.

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              Have to go to the CVS tomorrow - will check this out. It'd be a shame to lose them - the cheese selection is very good, and it's my go-to for when I need RIPE fruit (e.g. pears for eating today, not next week). With the tax evasion problems, I'd sure think that it the owners were able to skim off millions from their various stores, this site could be a going concern if well run, without skimming collected taxes off.. Yuck. Sandy power outage can't have helped!

          2. Story today says that management blames the empty shelves on "slow business". I'm not buying it.


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              The readers comments are interesting, and I agree.