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Nov 26, 2012 01:16 PM

terrible dinner @David's Mai Lai Wah Chinatown

have to warn/share -- we had a terrible dinner last nite at David's (corner of 9th and Race) My pick b/c I thought it was the place in Chinatown that had hot pots --it was NOT --(if anyone can post the name of the hot pot restaurant -- I would appreciate it).
3 people--- 2 dinners arrive....15 minute wait for the last one. This was happening at other tables around us. Family waited at the front door for take-out order for 30+ minutes.
room temp eggrolls, lukewarm soup.
Veggies were average and cheap--I hate it when menu says "mixed veggies" and then when entree appears it is onions, three pieces of green pepper and carrot coins --the cheapest veggies you can buy. Son's dinner (which featured said green peppers and onions) was un-cooked --veggies were beyond crunchy, white raw onions --with 5 small shreds of precooked chicken in a gloppy, weird sauce. we should have sent it back, but then we would have waited another 20 mins.
yes, it was cheap, but would much rather pay a bit more and get something good.

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  1. Mai Lai Wah isn't as good as it used to be, for certain. Still, if you're ever stuck there, the Ma Po Tofu and the Mu Shu is usually pretty good. Sad...once upon a time, they were terrific.