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Nov 26, 2012 01:04 PM

Pepe's coming to Elmwood?

Just saw this:

I really hope it falls through. Carmine's and Elmwood Pizza already keep that area well supplied. I'd rather see Pepe where Braza was on Farmington Ave. Sgt Pepperoni and Sisson Ave Pizza suck, and with Vegas Blvd closed, there nothing decent in the area, besides maybe South Whitney.

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  1. Is Carmine's still open? I thought i read it had closed.

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    1. re: westie

      Got me, will have to ask my mom. It is/was her go-to place,

      1. re: westie

        I'm pretty sure Carmine's is long gone. Where is Elmwood Pizza? The only good pizza in the area that I can think of is First and Last in Southend and Stretch's in Newington. I do wish some good businesses would inch there way down New Britain Ave and into Hartford as we in Hartford could use some businesses other than check cashing and liquor stores and auto parts!