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Nov 26, 2012 12:39 PM


This just opened on the waterfront about a week ago. Went on Saturday night for dinner and at 7PM we were told there was a 2.5 hour wait. We stood at the bar for a drink and noticed about 5 unused tables for 2 and for 4 people that stayed that way for over a half an hour. We took a seat at the bar and decided to order there. Bartenders were not attentive at all and FINALLY took our order after trying to get their attention for about 20 minutes. Shrimp Ceviche, Salmon and Chicken with hot peppers and rice. That was all we ordered and since it took close to 1 hour and 45 minutes to even see that food, we had 3 glasses of wine in the meantime. When it finally came, it was fair at best. Chicken dish came without hot peppers and potatoes were on the plate instead of rice which they said "they ran out of". The decor of the restaurant is beautiful but if the service and food stays like this, it will not last until summer. Oh, and there is no one watching the coats and you do not get a tag for it. They are put on a hanger on a rack and anyone can take your careful.

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  1. Sounds REALLY poorly run! Hopefully they will get it together.......

    1. I would expect a restaurant named Dolce Cubano to have mostly a Cuban menu otherwise, why the name.
      By my count, I only see (2) of about (20) entrees that would be representative as Cuban food.
      Speaking only for myself; if, after I had (3) glasses of wine and found the food to be only fair at best then the food prep must be pretty bad.
      Good point about the coats.

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        This is the same owner as ZaZa. Most items in the tapas can be found on the menu from the other place as well. More friends this week also said the food was fair at best....

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          This is one the opposite end of Crabshell? What was the name of the previous place? It was Paradiso or something, the food there was awful. I'm sorry to hear this new replacement is the same. I've been to ZaZa a few times and don't care for the food there either. I don't understand why so many people seem to like it, at least when it first opened. I thought it was just average, both lunches and dinner.

          Taboo, I do read your posts. What's your opinion on Stamford/SoNo dining scene? I've been disappointed with the area since I've moved here two years ago. I feel like many of the restaurants cater to a slightly unsophisticated palate, definitely an unadventurous one.

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            Mushroom....I also agree that ZaZa was not so great. Being a huge foodie and moving here from NYC, I have found a lot of restaurants sub par, but recently some great ones. In Stamford, Siena is putting out some great rustic Italian as is Aria. Hudsog Grill has a few good dishes, but yes...unadventurous. In SONO, I have liked recently Estia and Match. For better food, I am now leaning to New Canaan such as Blvd 18 and Elm and Tuscan. Greenwich has some great places as does Westport. I also really like Moderne Barn in Armonk.

      2. In their defense, Saturday night was the annual harbor lights festival that brings hundreds to the waterfront. Not what they planned on for their soft opening. I wouldn't be surprised if they ran out of a lot of things. Try them again when you can. Went the other night and it was a pleasure. Going tonight for the music.

        1. I posted this comment on their facebook page. Instead of them being professional about the situation, they decided to block me from their page and to delete my comment. This is a surefire way to lose business and for their name to go down the toilet. So here are my comments.

          Yesterday friends and I came for brunch. First, I would like to say that every dish that came out was outstanding. The goat cheese cakes and lobster guacamole were superb. The slow roasted pork with eggs,beans,rice and the chilean sea bass miso with saffron rice were amazing. You truly have a talented chef in the back of house. Second, your interior is simply stunning. You transformed this space into something spectacular. There is something about owning a restaurant with water views in the Gold Coast of CT. Now, for the not so good news. Our food took way too long, approx. 1 hour wait time for it to arrive at our table. I am assuming the waiter did not put the ticket in correctly to the kitchen. We informed your Sunday manager about the problem. But he simply started to laugh and make jokes. Finally, after telling him that it was not professional the manner in which this is being handled, he said he would go and find out what the problem was. Within 10 minutes, our plates were at our table. However, one of my friends has a strict diet and cannot eat butter. She had requested the chilean sea bass to be cooked with no butter and asked the waiter if he could ask the kitchen if they could do that. The waiter never returned to comment on the above request. Therefore, my friend's plate looked nothing like my chilean sea bass. In fact, the fish on her plate was not sea bass. It was some other type of fish. The way it was presented fell below the high standards of all of your other dishes that were coming out of the kitchen. In addition, since we waited over one hour to receive our dishes, and since my friend could not eat her entree and had to re order some plain arugula salad since we all had our entrees, I would expect the manager at the very least comp a few drinks as well as perhaps the appetizers. But he only comped one glass of chardonnay and the entree which my friend DID NOT eat. The owners have invested so much into this space. Competition is fierce in our area. The economy is still lagging, and people choose wisely and are more discreet as where they spend their money including where they dine. Therefore, what happened yesterday was 'amateur hour' from your staff including the manager. I am writing you this because I believe that upper management and Nick Racanelli and his family should be aware of customer/patrons accolades as well as concerns and disappointments. Hopefully , someone will get back to me regarding my experience. Thank you for your professional attention to this matter.

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            Wow! That is ridiculous. Rather than offer you an explanation, they blocked you and removed your comment? Unbelievable. I had no intention of visiting this place b/c my one meal at ZaZa was terrible but your post has convinced me never to try it.

            1. re: mla19

              extremely rude--this is why restaurants close so often---customer service is key regardless of how good the food is.