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Nov 26, 2012 11:54 AM

Advice on foie gras

My sister wants foie gras for Christmas. She's never had it; it's not a big seller in Alabama. I've researched on google/amazon and can get it frozen or fresh. What do you recommend? Any particular brand? She's a great cook, so I'm not worried about her butchering it, but there are also pates and mousses.... I'm open to suggestions.

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    Hudson Valley is now the standard bearer since California is no longer a valid producer of FG.

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    1. re: Brandon Nelson

      I will second Hudson Valley as an excellent source

    2. Get a whole fresh one if she likes to cook; suggest a torchon or mi-cuit for doing a whole one, or she can cut slabs and sear. If she really wants to sear, suggest getting two whole ones.

      Michael Ginor's book on foie gras is also an interesting read.

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      1. re: wattacetti

        Re searing. My favorite preparation. But get it over fairly high heat and cook on each side only until a bit of a crust develops. If you think in terms of "cooking it through to the center," it will melt into a puddle of fat.

      2. I ordered from Petrossian last year; the recipient loved it.

        1. I would suggest that she sample some before investing in a whole one (or two) - it's definitely not for everyone. Also, some people love it as pate/mousse but find it too strong on its own. Could you order her a small sampler before investing in a whole lobe?

          1. If she has never had it don't invest in a big order. It isn't for everyone. The only exception might be if you know she loves things like chicken liver mouse. I'd go with a prepared mouse item which will be cheaper and more familiar than lobes, which are difficult to cook. D'artagnan is a good producer and this link has a picture.