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Nov 26, 2012 10:47 AM

Are all hot dog carts created equal?

About to make our annual trek to NYC next week. I love the food carts in midtown, but wonder if I should be looking further out. Staying downtown, but we get around all of Manhattan. Where is the perfect hot dog?

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  1. Depends what you mean by the "perfect" hot dog.

    There are a number of more "gourmet" or creative hot dog choices now, including:
    Crif Dogs
    Asia Dog
    The Snap Truck, there are probably more
    Sausage Inc
    Sigmund Pretzel's hot dog

    We also have Japadog now.

    In general the trend seems to be creative toppings or more wholesome/organic/etc. ingredients for the dog itself.

    See also:

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    1. re: kathryn

      I agree , we have to know the definition of perfect hotdog,,, The OP refers to the carts, As far as carts go, I'd say if it is Sabrett it will be a decent "dishwater" hot dog. There's also a hot dog truck by South St Seaport that has good dogs,,,, As far as stores go, i'll recommend Papaya King ( 86th and 3rd) ,, Katz's Deli,,,, Japadog

    2. I used to live in Toronto where the street food, if lacking in variety, is at least superior to its NYC counterpart in the hot dog department. I'd love to know if there are carts in NYC where you can get a real flame grilled hot dog or sausage in a bun with lots of self serve fixings.

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      1. re: pravit

        I used to study in Toronto and I regret never getting a street dog so much! They looked so much better than the cart dogs in NYC.

      2. Last I heard, all the Sabrett carts were owned by the same company.

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        1. re: coll

          I had one of the worst hotdogs at Katz's. Went there after Ed Levine put it in his top ten best dogs in the city. Mediocre dog, just salty tasting. Dried out bun for the skinny dog. Just sad and bad.

          1. re: chervil9

            The carts used to use 13 to 1 lb dogs, although I've lost track recently. But I would say even 10 to 1 lb is stretching it as far as deliciousness. The thing is, they all cost the same per lb, so 13 dogs instead of 10, or even 8 which is decent without going overboard, is tempting to some, especially if it's a touristy place and it's a one time sale. And Sabrett makes the thinnest buns known to man, again so you won't fill up on them and thus order one more. Sbrett themselves are a nice, family company but they have to reply to what the market demand ie more profit.