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Nov 26, 2012 10:29 AM

Portugal Michelin Stars 2013

José Avilez regains his Michelin Star in his new restaurant Belcanto, and in counterpart, Tavares loses it. makes sense as it was Avilez who obtained it before leaving for greener pastures...
Another noticeable drop is Arcadas in the Quinta das Lagrimas in Coimbra who also loses its star.
The rest is unchanged, with both Vila Joya (Dieter Koschina) and Ocean / Vial Vita (Hans Neuner) retaining their 2 Stars. More surprisingly, all three Algarve restaurants Willie's, Saõ Gabriel and Henrique Leis keep their 1 Star... I would have expected some downgrading.
The others continuing with their Star are: Fortaleza do Guincho (Cascais), Feitoria (Altis Belem, Lisbon), The Yeatman in Gaia (Porto), Casa da Calçada (Amarante), and Il Gallo d'Oro in Funchal.

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  1. Thank god Arcadas lost their star. It was the most bland of all my experiences in Portugal.

    Anyway, any personal thoughts about the changes for 2013?

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      One could hardly call them changes, as Jose Avilez star followed him to Belcanto (I have not been yet). I thought Tavares should have retained a star as Aime Barroyer is doing a good job there.
      Ocean is superb, worth the trip if you can get a table... Vila Joya - yes, but at lunch time and à la carte for me, otherwise it's a set menu at dinner.
      I only went once to Arcadas (or tried to, as we arrived with a confirmed booking to be told they were closed for lunch... and had an uninteresting meal by the pool instead). For some reason I never returned.
      In the Algarve, from the trio of 1 stars, I would rank first Willie's and last São Gabriel, but all three have their supporters... and better days than others.
      Guincho is steadily good, Yeatman also; Feitoria more imaginative... I have not been to either Amarante or Funchal...