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Nov 25, 2012 04:11 PM

Recommendation for cheese at Sigels on Inwood in Addison [moved from Site Talk board]

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Caroline my dear, you should meet Theresa, the gourmet market manager of Sigels on Inwood in Addison. She will give you cheese samples of anything/everything on your first visit, she will remember your tastes, and when you return she will zero in on what she has for you that's on the mark. She is exceptional, and speaks with a delightful Irish brogue. 972-387-9804

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  1. You make my point exquisitely! One Theresa is worth a thousand words on a cheese board!!! '-)

    I have duly copied Theresa's phone number as insurance against deletions. You (we?) seem to be on a roll...!?! Thanks!

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      Caroline, by the way, Theresa is the one who provided me with unlimited duck fat, gratis. I still have 2 pints here in Florida. Let her know you would like to take my place! And my duck liver pate? She provided the livers, also gratis. I of course gave her a ramekin from my first batch.

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        Sounds FANTASTIC! Thank y... ... ... Oh, but wait! I don't have your masculine charm. <sigh> Rats!

        Maybe if I tell her my mother was born in Belfast? mmm... Maybe not. She may be from Dublin. Oh, well... Back to the drawing board! I'll let you know what happens. Crossing my fingers. Thanks! '-)

    2. Have you also been to Scardello? Better bump that up on your to-do list if not; you'll love it there.

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        Make sure you bring your American Express card. They're very expensive!

        Same cheeses at Wholefoods are 20-25% less!