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Nov 26, 2012 09:26 AM

Rotisserie chicken from a supermarket recipe

We love the already roasted chickens that you can buy at the supermarkets.
Does anyone have a recipe to roast a chicken that is as tasty as the supermarket chickens.
I have tried several recipes but none as juicy or as good as the ones I buy from the supermarket..

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    1. Roasted chickens will never be the same as a rotisserie. That being said, I highly recommend brining, and then roasting the chicken in a high oven.

      1. If you roast your chicken vertically, you can come pretty close to a rotisserie result. I also suspect many markets use poultry that has already been brined, or has had a saline solution added.

        As for the rub.....most are simple....paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and salt. Barbecue versions will have brown sugar added.

        1. w/o a home rotisserie you will never get an exact replica, plus most grocers inject them with flavor enhancers (basically a salt and/or MSG infused liquid). I understand (from one particular grocer) they add additional fats as well which further increase the "juiciness".

          The closest you might get is the proverbial beer can chicken, done either on the grill or in the oven. Or buy a vertical roaster, one that has a vessel for holding liquids. They are pretty cheap brand new but you see them at yard sales all the time for even cheaper.

          1. I used to work at a supermarket who made rotisserie chicken. If they are flavored they came in marinated (from Perdue) There was BBQ, Lemon Pepper and traditional. They are cooked on the rods far longer than most home cooks would cook their chicken. To do it at home , brine for a day , then take out of the brine and put it in to the marinate of choice in the fridge for 8 hours and cook it turning it twice to expose its full surface to the heat. If you have a convection oven all the better, And if you really want that same texture let it over cook slightly so it will fall of the bone. Also when you brine make sure there is a good percentage of sugar in the brine .