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Nov 26, 2012 09:02 AM

something like Hattie's?

Dear hounds,

I have one night, tomorrow, for dinner in Dallas. I've been researching your posts and was super excited about Hattie's---unfortunately when I called to make a reservation they let me know they'll be closed for dinner tomorrow, 11/27, for a repair.

I'd love some recommendations for a Hattie's-like place---similar kind of food, and not loud. I have a car.

Thanks in advance for your advice,

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  1. I would suggest Sissy's. Although it is loud (Hatties is loud as well).

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    1. re: PeterQ

      Hattie's is indeed VERY loud. I ate there recently for the first time in a while and was stunned by how loud it was. The high level of noise rendered the entire experience unenjoyable. Is Sissy's as bad as Hattie's?

      1. re: Mike C. Miller

        Thanks everyone---unfortunately my plans changed and I ended up having an airport sandwich for dinner. But, that said, I'm glad to hear from you all and glad for the research. I'll head to either Mesa or Hattie's (maybe only if I'm with someone I don't need to talk with? :) ) next time I'm in town.

    2. Are you looking for southern style food or just a similar price point and ambiance? If the latter, i'm sure we can produce tons of suggestions. For elevated southern food, your options are slightly more limited. Maybe Lonesome Dove in Ft. Worth would fit the bill. I'm not a big fan of Sissy's but it is definitely similar in concept.

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      1. re: demigodh

        Thanks---southern-style was what I was looking for. I like your word choice of "elevated"---that's it exactly. I like the looks of Lonesome Dove but unfortunately won't be able to make it out to Ft. Worth; I'm staying around Love Airport.

        When I found out Hattie's wasn't open I had my eye on Mesa, but it looks like they aren't open for dinner tomorrow either.

        Although it's not what I had in mind originally, Smoke looks friendly and seems well-liked by many folks on the board. Thank you, PeterQ, for the Sissy's suggestion.


        1. re: kaylicious

          I don't know that it will help you on this occasion, but I've dined at Mesa on several occasions and was very impressed each and every time. Excellent food and warm and competent service. My only quibble is that the wine list is limited. But for as small a list as it is, there are some nice moderately priced wines on it.

        2. re: demigodh

          I like Lonesome Dove, but to me it's more Western than Southern ... I haven't been to Sissy's yet, but it seems closer to Hattie's from what I know.

          Let us know where you went and how you liked it ...