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Nov 26, 2012 08:53 AM

Dinner this Saturday near Mellon Auditorium (13th & Constitution)

Been searching the boards and found a similar string, but looking for something a little different.

We are doing a celebratory dinner this Saturday for 11 people (short notice!) and are looking for something moderately priced (entrees between 25-30) that is walking distance from the Mellon Auditorium (for us, this means about 6 blocks).

Would like to stay east of the White House and south of H Street. We have a diverse group, with some pickiness, so would not consider Indian or Asian fare (at least for this dinner). Already ruled out Old Ebbitt.

We're looking for someplace fun, moderately noisy with quality food.

Some current considerations:
* Occidental
* Central
* Brasserie Beck
* Taberna Del Alabardero (even though this is out of the stated range)
* J&G Steakhouse

We are going purely on recommendations, as none of us is really familiar with the DC dining scene. :)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Consider The Hamilton. Good for groups, they can probably accomodate you without a problem since it is large. It's in your price range. I wouldn't recommend it for someone looking for a great food experience, but it's pretty good and seems to fit your search parameters.

    1. I love Central and BBeck. I think you can stay within your range at both, but not without paying careful attention to what you order, which might prove frustrating.

      I love the mussels at BB and think they are pretty much the best in town, so that is what I always get when I go there. You can order a whole order or a half. The whole comes with frites and 3 sauces. The whole easily feeds two people and costs about $26. The Belgian beer list is great there, but it isn't cheap. About $9 is the lowest it goes.

      Central would be more frustrating I think. You could stay within budget, but not easily and you certainly couldn't order freely. For example, the desserts there are great, but you'd probably have to skip them.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations and please keep them coming!

        Entrée range of $20-30 - we can be a bit flex on that and that is not including apps, drinks, desserts.

        FWIW, I talked to Central and for groups over 10, they will keep you to a fixed menu of 4 choose the 4 entrees ahead of time. With so many tasty options, I would find it hard to narrow to 4!

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        1. re: eszubi

          Oh, OK. Oops - I missed the bit about $25 - 30 being for entrees only. In that case, you should be fine at either place I mentioned.

          If you do go to Central, don't miss the faux gras!

        2. Brasserie Beck is a great choice. Ask for a table towards the back, so it will be less noisy.

          Another option is The Hamilton, which really fits all tastes in my opinion and the food is quite good.