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Nov 26, 2012 08:24 AM

Christmas in Philly

What could be nicer then Christmas in the historic philladelphia. I have looked at the restaurants that served meals last year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but not being from the area I don't know how to select the right one. Just want good holiday food at a reasonable price, somewhere that the local's might go to. Plan on staying downtown close to the art museum, etc.
All suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. Have enjoyed both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at The Plough and the Stars in a beautifully decorated historic building with a fireplace. Menu for both meals was similar:

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      Plough & Stars once served me an after-dinner parfait coffee without whipped cream, told me they were out.

    2. How about City Tavern to tie to the histroic mood.

      1. I don't think City Tavern is a place that the locals might go. Vanstrum, what restaurant have you looked at so far?

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          just looked at the site. Very confusing not knowing much about the quality of the food.

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            Here is a list from last year from Uwishunu. This year's list is not out yet. I would highly recommend Lacroix.


            1. I would suggest going to City Tavern ONLY for beer as I just heard that Thanksgiving at City Tavern was terrible this year: very dry turkey, soggy stuffing, meh sides. While I've never been impressed by their food, I'd say that they have two things you mentioned, historic and holiday food.

              Vanstrum, were you looking at this page? Do these restaurants reflect what you are looking for? Could you give us some more details? How many people? Tastes? Budget per person? Dietary restrictions? Will you mind taking public transportation or a cab to get to other neighborhoods?

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                just me and my friend both enjoy GOOD food well prepared. I am willing to pay whatever but not to get ripped off by "artistic" chefs who think the art of the plate is a valid excuse for not preparing food that tastes good.

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                  I would seriously consider Lacroix if that is the case and you can afford to do so. Also all of Bacchus's recommendations are good ones. I would really skip City Tavern. It's a bit of a tourist trap...

              2. Visit the Holiday Show at the Comcast Center and for a good quality food court lunch the Market down the center stairs will offer interesting choices. My guests always enjoy the City Tavern, the food is mid range in quality, select wisely and the tavern/bar area with a peddle harpsichord offers many local beers and interesting drinks some colonial in origin. Your are near many excellent restaurants including Zahav, and Amada serving drinks and small plates so you can limit your check total. The Christmas Event at Macy's is good fun with the German Market just around City Hall and across the street is fun. From there perhaps head toward Rittenhouse Square for many restaurant options in all price ranges. Dandelion is nicely decorated or small plates and drinks across the street at Tria, on the square you will find Parc and the Rittenhouse Tavern, the square is lovely in this season.

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