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Nov 26, 2012 07:44 AM

Grey Lady!!! Wow!!

A few of us got together for a Thanksgiving eve dinner and everyone was impressed.
Very nice atmosphere. Tasty appetizers and oysters on the half shell.
We ordered:
Lobster Pot Pie, tasty sauce and nice sized chunks of lobster meat, excellent.
Lamb Shepherds pie which was a nice twist on the usual beef style.
And a Lobster roll that compares favorable with the best I have ever had in Maine or elsewhere!!! Generous portion of chunky lobster meat, a tasty subtle dressing in a warm buttered hot dog roll.
I hate to say best since every lobster roll is a bit different. This lobster roll was up in the top 5 with Red Hook, Canal Cafe and Red's Eats and tRP!!

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  1. Thanks for the report. I just noticed the The Grey Lady on Saturday and almost stopped in for a drink because the space looked so nice and inviting. Glad to hear the food was wonderful.

    1. Sounds great! FYI Shepherd's Pie is supposed to be made with lamb, the beef one is properly called Cottage Pie.

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        I learn something new every day. Makes sense "Shepherd" = sheep.