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Nov 26, 2012 07:39 AM

Jerky marinades

It's that time! Our first batch of venison jerky came out of the dehydrator on Saturday. This one was a roasted garlic teriyaki, but BF has a hard time making the same marinade twice. He wants to try everything possible.

What marinades do you like to use? Also, do you grind and extrude the meat into strips, or just do slices?

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  1. Slices. Otherwise it should be called sausage.

    Watched a fascinating film on how an elephant was turned into a single strip of biltong.

    1. Slices, I don't like the texture when it is made from ground meat. I never make the same marinade twice. I also always forget to write down the recipe each time. Something I plan to correct in future because I want to replicate a batch I made a few years ago that came out terrific. It's weird but jerky, and southern style vinegar based bbq sauce are the only two recipes I forget to write down when I create them.

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        I think that's his problem, really. He prints out all of these recipes and tries them, then forgets which one is which so he can't save just the ones he likes!

        I've never had jerky except what we made last year, and that was slices. But I imagine myself not liking the ground stuff. He's bugging out for a meat grinder, though....