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Nov 26, 2012 07:12 AM

What to expect at Hunter Mountain/Tannersville, NY? (grocery shopping, kid friendly restaurants, etc)

Our family has decided to meet in a neutral place for Christmas. We have a ski cabin for a week in Tannersvillle, NY near Hunter Mountain and I wondering what I should expect since my sister is pretty vague about the area. There will be 6 adults plus a preschooler, toddler and a baby. What are the grocery stores in the area? Any better than another? What about restaurants? I am looking for recommendations that are family friendly-- this could be anything from a sandwich shop for lunch to a cozy place for dinner. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

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  1. Not sure about grocery stores, but the Last Chance cheese & antiques cafe on Tannersville Main St. is a lovely place for a warm & cozy lunch. While I've never gone in with kids, it seems to me that it'd be a very family-friendly place -- and as a bonus, there's about 1,000 kinds of beer to choose from for the grownups... We normally just get plates of cheese and pate and such, but we've had the chili, which comes with a foot-thick crust of oozy cheese on it, and once we'd roused ourselves from our food coma, agreed that it was really great chili.

    1. There is a Grand Union supermarket...sorry I don't remember the name of any of the smaller stores/restaurants in Tannersville. Do not miss the view from the spot where the Catskill Mountain House used to be, it is breathtaking.