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Nov 26, 2012 06:23 AM

ISO Marzipan or chocolate frogs for Christmas

There's a story behind this. When my mom was a child in Holland after the war, even though her family was poor themselves, all the kids had to give away one of their Christmas gifts to the poor. One year, my mom gave away her marzipan green frog. We have always tried to include a 'green frog' in her Christmas stocking. We used to be able to find chocolate, foil wrapped frogs, but haven't had much luck lately.

Does anyone know where I could find either marzipan green frogs (preferred) or some other kind of frog? Transit accessible is best.

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  1. Hi there,

    There is a marzipan maker at the One of a Kind Craft Show from whom I bought green frogs last yr!
    The show runs- to Dec 2nd this yr and I am hoping to find him again!

    I am also looking for imported Hungarian marzipan in Toronto this weekend.
    The Honey Bear does not have the individual pieces in boxes, ( like chocolates) but does have great German marzipan cigars!

    Any suggestions?