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Nov 26, 2012 04:44 AM

Sat Lunch in Highgate/Any comments on The Carob Tree, a Greek place there?

Hi London chowhounds,

I just got my Zagat London 2013 in the mail, and while I don't use it that much in London (I used to use it much more in NYC) I was flipping through and saw that this place called The Carob Tree, a Greek place in Highgate, got really good reviews. I've been craving Greek - I go to Lemonia sometimes & sometimes to Vrisaki in Bounds Green, although it's a bit of a trek from Clerkenwell. I'm having Sat lunch with a friend near the Parl Hill farmers' market off Highgate Road (NW5 1RN) in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone could fill me in on Carob Tree - I'm a bit suspicious as it gets no mention here, and Zagat reviews for London seem over-generous. Or could someone recommend another place near NW5 1RN for an inexpensive/medium priced lunch, pref not a pub? Thanks!

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