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Nov 26, 2012 04:32 AM

kosher pizza on the way to Baltimore

I will be driving from NY to Baltimore with my son next Mozei Shabbat, leaving soon after Shabbat ends (by 7pm). The son, being a teen, requests pizza, but we're leaving too early for the local place to have any made. Where is the best (taste-wise) place to stop for pizza that won't take us out of the way too much--Elizabeth, Highland Park, Cherry Hill? Don't know if there is anything south of Cherry Hill before hitting Baltimore.
Also, we'll be returning late Monday night from DC, making a stop in Baltimore around 7-8pm, then driving back to NY. Where would you recommend getting a quick, tasty, not terribly expensive dinner--this one does not have to be pizza, but does have to be in Baltimore or somewhere on the way. Does have to be yummy, though.
Thank you!

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  1. Depending on where you are coming from in NY , HP & Elizabeth might not be open yet

    In HP

    In Cherry Hill

    On the way back you can stop at in downtown Philadelphia or Cherry Hill. Burgers, Chicken, Shawarma & Philly Steak sandwiches are yummy!

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      Jerusalem Pizza in Highland Park opens approximately one hour after shabbos ends. This past week, havdalah was at 5:24pm. My family called them around 7:15pm or so to place an order for pick-up, so if you are coming from New York (and leaving New York around 7pm), they will surely be open by the time you reach Highland Park. For this coming motzei shabbos, I estimate that havdalah will be approximately 5:18pm.

      Of the places you have mentioned, I can't say if Jerusalem in Highland Park is the best. I haven't eaten the pizza in Elizabeth in close to 20 years, and I've never eaten the pizza in Cherry Hill.

      For your return trip, people I know like Kosher Bite It seems pretty reasonably priced, especially for kosher meat. I've also heard good things about David Chu's I know nothing about cocoaccino's, but the menu looks interesting. And here is a list of places in Baltimore under the Star-K:

      1. re: asf78

        I personally think the pizza in Highland Park is terrible. The pizza in Elizabeth when fresh is really good (it is usually fresh sat night). There is a pizza place called Esti Besty in Cherry Hill that looks really good but have never been there.
        I have been to Baltimore. Honestly it was a food destination nightmare. Cocoaccinos we had high hopes for, nothing special. The only place we really enjoyed in Baltimore was Goldbergs bagels, although we did not eat in any of the meat places.

        1. re: asf78

          Kosher Bite ROCKS! I love it there:) Super yummy fried chciken-mmm - wish it were closer to me:(
          HAs been a while since I had pizza in Cherry Hill, but Philly has good pizza and well, neither sre really on your way, so either would work. Holy Land Piizza also does a killer Tuna Hoagie - prob the best tuna hoagie I have ever had ANYWHER! I;d vote for Philly for the pizza stop personally.

          1. re: ThePrettypoodle

            prettypoodle- ftr, was not impressed by kosher bites fried chicken, thought the double bite burger is hugely nostalgic deliciousness, if youre ever in northern nj- in teaneck- gotham burger on queen anne road has insane chicken fingers and fried chicken, that you must try

            1. re: shoelace

              Their fries and burgers are great too.

      2. In regards to Baltimore restaurants, Kosher Bite is quick, reasonably priced, and has a varied menu. David Chu's is a great place but more pricey. Another place is Accents in the Atrium, in the Greenspring area, good fleishig food and reasonable. Note that restaurants close earlier in Baltimore than in NYC, so call ahead if you are getting there after 8 PM. In Silver Spring, outside of DC, there are kosher places also. Maxes is a shwarma/grill place.

        1. Elizabeth Pizza, pretty surpisingly good. Sat night go for pies, not slices.

          1. For pure convenience Esti's in Cherry Hill would be your best bet as it is only 2-3 miles from Exit 4 on the NJ Turnpike. Take Exit 4 to Route 73N to Route 38W - it's on Route 38 on the right side of the highway past the Mill Rd exit and just before you get to the Church Avenue circle - total travel time about 5 minutes from Exit 4. You would have to check with them as to when they open on Motzei Shabbos. None of the Phillie locations are that close. The pizza is very likeable, although I would agree with whoever suggested Jerusalem in Elizabeth for pizza.