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Nov 26, 2012 03:41 AM

Copenhagen for the weekend- help needed.


I have been trying to search the boards for some restaurant ideas in Copenhagen, and most of them are quite old - 2010 and before.

Does anyone have any advice on a place to go for a nice meal on a Friday night that isn't too fancy, but still good food?

We are also looking for somewhere to go for Sunday lunch, or advice on any specific kinds of food we should try?

We eat anything and are open to any suggestions!


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  1. Here's my trip report from October this year, not sure if you found it.

    For lunch on Sunday I highly recommend Aamann's Deli (Oster Farimagsgade 10), they are only open for around 4 hours covering the Sunday lunch period but their smorrebrod are worth the visit. Everything we had in the deli was excellent, it would have been nice to try the restaurant as well but it didn't mesh with our itinerary.

    For comfort food we enjoyed Bryggeriet Apollo (Vesterbrogade 3, outside the main entrance to the Tivoli).

    It was our first time in CPH so we're by no means experts in the local scene but after Geranium, these two were highlights.

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      I say this on every CPH post but I had such a memorable and tasty dinner at Kodbyens Fiskenbaren. Reservation recommended.

      Also, Aaman's. I wish I had eaten more there!

    2. Copenhagen is always busy on a Friday night and especially the coming three when every single company in the city hosts a Christmas party, so you may not be able to get into the best places, but here are some ideas:

      Fishmarket (you can find a link to Pastis on this page too - same owners
      Nimb Terrasse (in Tivoli if you are going to the market)
      Nimb Brasserie (can be accessed from the street so you don't have to pay for entrance to Tivoli

      I second the suggestion that you have Sunday lunch at Aamann's Deli - there are other good places for smørrebrød in the city, but they are not opened on a Sunday.

      Also as Vanderb rights in his/her nice trip report - Torvehallerne is a must visit.

      Finally for a great - and often overlooked Danish delicacy - Meyer's Deli does a lovely Flæskestegssandwich (it's a slice of roast pork with crackling and some red cabbage in a bun).

      Meyer's Deli is found among other places in the basement of the department Magasin, where you also find an upscale grocery store and assorted chocolate and bakery stores.

      1. Thank you both very much. These are some great suggestions, and will definitely try Aamann's Deli on the Sunday.

        Have printed these out already and will post a reply when I return.

        Thanks again!