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Nov 25, 2012 11:25 PM

Questions Re Paggi House

Coming to Austin in a week or two and want to have a decent meal. Can't find any reviews of Paggi House. Looks awfully good and has an excellent wine list, but we all know looks can be deceiving. Any reports?

Also, my daughter, who will be joining us for dinner, is an ovo lacto vegetarian. Will she find something to eat?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. brunch is okay parking is terrible. not high on my list.

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        don't they have free valet? food is inconsistent. I think their happy hour is pretty popular and last time I went the bartenders made some tasty drinks.

      2. Wine and drinks are excellent, brunch is good, parking is awful, service is inconsistent. Dinner can be hit or miss depending on your entree selection. I've had some really good stuff and some dishes that were very average. IMO, there are better places to go for an out-of-towner. I'd suggest La Condessa.

        1. They just sent out a blurb that brunch is a la carte now, no more brunch buffett. HH apps and drinks always seemed the way to go for me.

          1. Any other top shelf wine lists in town. I looked at the one at Congress. Looked wider than it was deep, especially in terms of European wines from better producers.

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            1. re: Mike C. Miller

              Check out Vino Vino. Great wine list.

              1. re: topeater

                That was one of the spots I looked at.

                Looking at their web site, they have a list of about two dozen wines by the glass, all modestly priced. Do they also have a bottle list with better wines on it? Or is the by the glass list all that they have?


                Also the fact that they have a picture of a DJ on the front page of a restaurant doesn't inspire confidence that one will have a pleasant, quiet meal. What' s the noise level going to be like for an 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. dinner reservation.


                1. re: Mike C. Miller

                  Vino Vino is great, but it is primarily a wine bar, not restaurant. The restaurant is a long open space with racks of bottles for sale along the walls. Their wine list is just the by the glass options. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can just buy a bottle and they'll open it for you. The walls are painted a warm yellowy orange, and there are lots of tables scattered throughout.

                  It is loud, but in a cozy way. If you're looking for quiet and intimate, this is not your place.

                  The food I've had there is outstanding- the appetizer mussels are great, the salads are really good. I don't have much experience with their larger plates.