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Nov 25, 2012 10:42 PM

Post Thanksgiving Holiday Leftovers, 2012.....ThanksGiving Turkey Sandwich with Pictures

Here's my annual post holiday sandwich made exclusively with leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner.

* Deep Fried Turkey Breast

* Creamed Onions

* Sausage with Sage Stuffing

* New England Cranberry Sauce (purchased @ Costco)

* Arugula

* Duke's Mayonnaise....(First Time Ever Using It, Purchased On a Recent Trip To North Carolina)

* Multi-Grain Toast

So what was in your sandwich?

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  1. Forget the sandwich.... All I want to know is whether Duke's is THAT much better than Hellmann's/Best Foods? Was it worth driving all the way to North Caroline to get it? Really nice pictures though... And since you did ask, just for the record, my post-Thanksgiving sandwich comes around 11 at night (TDay) and is gummy white bread, mayo, thinly sliced dark meat, cranberry-orange-Grand Marnier relish with a side of sweet potato souffle and some gravy for dipping. Been doing it for eons! Clear back when Weber's gummy white bread sponsored the Lone Ranger on radio....! Or at least I think it was the Lone Ranger that Weber's sponsored.... Doesn't matter. Probably no one here who knows what I'm talking about anyway. '-)

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      Re: Duke's. It's definitely worth driving to North Carolina for if you're starting at Pedro's South of the Border. That said, it's definitely a step up and worth stocking up on if you can find a place that sells it.

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        To be initial reaction was not earth shattering for me. I find it is much more tart and vinegary tasting. It's smoother in texture than Hellmann's, which is a wee bit saltier and thicker in texture......I purchased four jars for about $20, and I'm happy I finally was able to enjoy it, but to honest again....I doubt I would ever purchase more than two jars again at one time, as I do not go through much mayonnaise myself...and I would not make a special trip to get it, only if I were already on a trip to the store to purchase other items. I would not order it online and pay the shipping fees either....but I would purchase it as a gift for others who have not had it.

        I've made some salad dressings with both Duke's and Hellmann's to compare...and the consensus is that Hellmann's hold up better with other ingredients added. The Duke's versions are thin comparatively.

        Another mayonnaise which I think is equally as good, if not better for all around purposed is Ken's.

      2. Great thread! I don't usually go the sandwich route and just load up another plate but interested to see others ideas.