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Does anybody know of classes, books, videos, anything to teach me how to make cheese.

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  1. This website is cool: http://www.leeners.com/

    They have everything-- books, equipment, cultures -- and a huge website with lots of info.

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    2. I took a really fun class at Andrew's Cheese Shop in Santa Monica. We made mozarella. They pour prosecco....serve pizzas and bruschetta....and you rotate in small groups for the "hands-on" part. Great fun. I think he does it monthly.

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      2. If you haven't ever sampled the depth and breadth of youtube then you really ought to check it out. For instance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBPYop...

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          thanks. ;)

        2. In the West Valley is this place, http://www.homebeerwinecheese.com/ Great place, nice people, classes, clubs, books, and supplies.

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              You are so welcome. I have to warn you once you start making your own there is no going back. A tip: Trader Joe's organic milk has excellent flavor. Best of luck.

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                I hope so