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Nov 25, 2012 09:18 PM

walking distance from Omni Hotel

Will be staying at Omni Dallas Hotel--two nights, no car. Any good local (non-franchise) restaurants (preferaby vegetarian fare) within 1/2 mile walking distance?

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  1. I ran into to Toby from Cedars Social on Lamar and he told me they can make something veg...maybe give them some notice. I haven't been, though. There really isn't much around the Omni. Wild Salsa has some good options, but you'll want to take a cab, I'm sure.

    1. You'll need to take a short taxi ride almost anywhere to get what you want.

      Closest to your hotel, my recommendations are:
      1. Cane Rosso. Aside from serving the best pizza in Dallas,
      they offer many vegetarian options.
      2. Samar. Excellent, Indian and Middle Eastern food with some interesting vegetarian options.
      3. Spiral Diner. Very good, 100% vegetarian food.
      4. Lemongrass. Delicious Vietnamese food served in a very comfortable "white tablecloth" setting with excellent service.

      Any restaurant in Dallas will be happy to call a taxi to take you back to your hotel.