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Nov 25, 2012 08:51 PM

I need more cowbell... I mean, caramel

I'm making about 40 (8oz) jars of salted caramel hot cocoa mix, and I need more caramel! Any suggestions on how to infuse this flavor easily? So far I've turned 5lbs of sugar into caramel and ground to a powder to include in the mix, but I barely taste the caramel! Any idea how many more pounds of sugar I would need? My hands are getting cut up from caramel shards and might not be able to handle another 5lbs.

I hear there are such things as caramel chips, but are they readily available (would need to get in next 1-2 days), and more importantly... Are they tasty and caramelly?


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  1. Humm, interesting question. In my experience, in a mixture of caramel and chocolate, the taste of chocolate takes over.

    1. Make a caramel sauce and store in a squeezable container. Add directly to you cocoa.

      1. how dark do you make the caramel? are you taking it to a deep amber color, just on this side of overdone? caramel gets super intense flavor right before it becomes trash.

        conversely, there are many caramel extracts and you could experiment adding it to sugar and letting the alcohol evaporate out and seeing how it carries over.

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          my caramel has gotten darker and darker with each batch since i'm not getting the taste! i had a couple of batches that were definitely burnt caramel and quite bitter, but i mixed it in anyway. i had been going until it started smoking, then waited another 15 seconds before smoking. i've gone so far as having it completely foam up as well.

          i actually didn't realize there is such a thing as caramel extract... i will check it out. hopefully they have some in NYC b/c i need to finish this tomorrow!

          thanks for the suggestions!