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Nov 25, 2012 07:57 PM

Home made root beer and root beer in general

Hello Everyone,
I love root beer, so much so I have tried close to 300 kinds. I live in Minnesota and went to the Minnesota's largest candy store and came home with 85 different root beers. I also follow this blog,

Now my next endeavor is to make my own homemade root beer. When I say homemade I dont mean extract syrup mixed in water, I mean Sugar, roots, herbs Etc. I did buy some random herbs and cooked them in water and tried to make my own, it started to ferment and tasted pretty bad. Any one have ideas? And better than just ideas, recipes that you tried and made. I am open to all info since after I try a few, I will then tweak them to make my own. Thanks. Rick

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  1. Thanks for the link to your blog, will check it out. I was recently in the USA and bought a bunch of different pops not available up in Canada including a case of Rootbeer from Costco so nice to have a spot to check on them before my next trip.

    Regarding your original question, I recall seeing a good thread on CH about this before that had people's experiences/etc and I thought I bookmarked it because I wanted to try it myself but now I can't seem to find the right thread (I even used Google because I find the CH search is difficult at times)...Anyway, hopefully someone else will but the link...

    And did you really just buy "random" herbs? ha... Maybe that is why it tastes so bad :)

    1. I've made root beer many times. Sorry I can't give you a recipe. This wiki covers the ingredients. Pick the ones you want, make a tea, add sugar, and ferment to carbonate as you would prime beer to bottle.

        I haven't made this but someday I'll get to it.

        I made some great soda syrup after listening to a podcast about the original, antique recipe for Coke. It didn't taste like Coke, but it made a fantastic root beer.

        1. In my experience, home made endeavors rarely exceed mass market quality. Which is why so many home brewers rarely last more than a year, and why home preserves are so rarely seen at the table. I have made a variety of sodas, and the "best" was ginger beer. Probably due to the 1 to 2% alcohol needed for the bubbly.

          I will not disparage the glow of success of making your own. I feel that every spring, when I put up pickled watermellon rind and lemon curd. But these are hideouosly expensive at the store, and one afternoon of work gives me a years supply.


          1. Hello everyone,
            Well as far as me saying Random Herbs, They were exactly random, I looked up roots used in root beer. And then bought a variety of those and tried that. Also I am not making my own to sell it or anything, I just love cooking and baking and love to try and make things from scratch.