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Nov 25, 2012 06:49 PM

Using pressure cooker sets

I'm finally going to buy a pressure cooker. I've had it on my mind for awhile, but now the time is right etc. I am specifically looking at Fagor, because I can't afford Kuhn Rikon. I see that they have a few sets, which include a 4qt and 8qt pot. I see some reviewers on Amazon saying that they do use the small pot, but not a lot of people mention it. Do you have one of these small pressure pots? What do you use it for?

I do only cook for two most of the time and I can see where it would come in handy for small amounts of rice, and one reviewer mentioned making pancake. Any other suggestions? Is it worth getting?

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  1. If you're referring to the Fagor 8- and 4-quart set with a 10" diameter, I have it in the Elite model (high pressure only). Got it because I wanted the 8-quart pot for stock, and it was on sale for such a good price that the 4-quart pot was basically free. As it turns out, I use the 4-quart much more often than the 8-quart. Its low, wide shape is great for chicken or turkey parts; flattish roasts, such as brisket; and anything that requires initial browning. The smaller size means it requires less liquid than the 8-quart and comes up to pressure a little faster. I mostly cook for 2 to 4 people, so if you routinely make larger quantities, you may not find this size as useful as I do. Hope this helps.

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      Yep, that is what I am thinking of. I haven't seen it in person so it is hard to visualize the size of the 4-quart and how useful it will be. I have only used a pressure cooker once before, but I want to get into it more. I typically cook for two+ leftovers, so it sounds good to me! Thank you for your help.

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        I would actually recommend the Fagor Duo 4 and 8 quart. The 4 quart is good for all kinds of dishes.

        If you want an all around great pot, get the 6 quart Duo, Futuro or Chef, depending upon what you can afford.

        I have tried many cookers and own a bunch so I can give you recommendations if you want. I teach pressure cooking.

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          Thanks! I was looking at the Splendid 4qt/8qt set but then I saw a few people saying that having both pressure settings was useful. So I might end up with Duo.

    2. I have a 8 quarts Fagor. In hindsight, a 6 quart may work better for me. I mostly use my pressure cooker to make stock, so a small size (<6 quart) won't work for me. Depending what you want to use yours for, a smaller one may be better. For making stews or bean dishes, I think a 4 quart may work better for your two people family.

      1. The 4 quart could be useful for smaller quantities for two. You can only fill a pressure cooker to 2/3 of it's capacity. For grains and beans they suggest more headroom, only half full, due to foaming that can clog relief valves. Miss Vickie advocates the use of PIP (Pan in Pot) cooking for rice or casseroles etc. to prevent burning, which is helpful when cooking on an electric stove. So rice may not be the best use for the smaller pot, but for veggies, potatoes, beets, green beans, squash for two, it's really ideal. Many of Lorna Sass' recipes in "Pressure Perfect," call for a 4 quart or larger pressure cooker. You will probably use the smaller one more often than the 8 qt.

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        1. re: Cam14

          Agreed, but wanted to note that for many dishes, a 4-quart cooker is really large enough for four servings. So it's perfect when cooking for two and planning to have leftovers for another meal.

          1. re: Miss Priss

            <for many dishes, a 4-quart cooker is really large enough for four servings>

            Agree. A very very rough rule of thumb is that 1 quart is about 1 serving. Of course, this entirely depends on what the food is and how much the person can eat.... but it is a very general guideline.

        2. I'll add to the chorus. I cook for two and I use the 4 quart far more often than I use the bigger pot, though it's nice to have the bigger one when I want it. I'd actually like to get a 6 quart for the inbetweens!

          1. I have a Fagor U Cook set with a four and a 6 quart pot which is dual pressure. In the four years that I've had it I have used the 4 quart pot far more than the six. One of the more common things I use it for is to cook potatoes for potato salad or mashed potatoes. I have used the small pot and the low-pressure setting to hard cook eggs and they came out perfect.