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Nov 25, 2012 06:45 PM

What's the story on pressure cookers?

Any recommendations? Wondering if there's any staple recipes that people have that make the purchase of a good pressure cooker justifiable. Also, any quriks or need-to-knows?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you do a search on the Home Cooking board for "pressure cooker" you'll find lots of great info about cooking w them including this thread where there are almost 100 posts on favourite pc recipes:

      btw, though I have a pressure cooker, I've only used it once. I just prefer other cooking methods.

      1. In addition to searching the Home Cooking board as suggested by Breadcrumbs, search this board (Cookware) as well. There have been many informative pressure-cooker threads here in the past few years.

        1. I have a Fagor. Kuhn Rikon gets very good reviews for its pressure cookers. Modern pressure cookers are very safe. For me, I use my pressure cooker to make stock (chicken mostly) and it help to significantly reduce the time.

          1. Not a huge fan, mostly because they don't suit my cooking style. Traditionally, they are a go to for braises, soups and stews because they cut cooking time substantially. I expect you may have to adjust your recipes to get the flavor you expect. Also, as more folks are trying to add more dried beans and whole grains to their diet, they are finding the pressure cooker a real time-saver. The newer models are miles ahead of the pressure cookers you may remember from your childhood...way safer and easier to use.