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Nov 25, 2012 05:09 PM

A smorgasbord of spicy delights at Winsor Dim Sum

We took Mother Swank to Winsor the other day, since we couldn't decide between D. Cafe or GDH. Thought Winsor would offer more variety ... oh and it did, save for a few sad moments.

We were quickly ushered to a table, having arrived at 10 am. The place was only half-full, so there was absolutely zero wait. Yippee! We set about ordering as much as possible. Clams in black bean sauce came out piping hot, sitting atop thin noodles, which sopped up the scallion-flecked sauce quite nicely. I resorted to scooping the sauce with an empty shell like a heathen. Sorry for my poor manners, Momma Swank! Shrimp noodles were fresh and delicious as always. Fried shrimp and chive dumplings were a bit measly in size -- seemed thinner than normal, and a bit greasier. This was solved by a nice douse in hot chili oil. Mr. Swank ordered pork noodle soup, a heaping, piping, nostril-clearing vat that he ended up carting home. Young Swank and Mother Swank split roasted pork buns, which refreshingly do not come with that telltale sticky glaze employed by many other dim sum spots. Made them much easier to devour! The crabmeat dumpling in soup was a revelation -- a virtual missel of crab bobbling in a steamy, clear broth. The dumpling was packed with fresh crab and offered juicy explosions of broth with each nibble. A huge hit. Steamed shrimp dumplings were plump and hearty, with thin, flexible skins.

Our one regret was not ordering our to-go items sooner. I opted for sesame balls to go but was told this would take upwards of 20 minutes, which surprised me, as they were flying out of the kitchen left and right. I then asked for a rice plate with pork chop and tomato sauce (could someone please describe this sauce?), and I was also told this would take 20-25 minutes. I left without a doggie bag, dreaming of returning once more.

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  1. swank, we love winsor as well , though lately we have been ordering the day before or early morning ,and then picking up around 3pm when things are quieted down. I know you live out in the burbs like me, so just fyi, if reheating is not verboten for you,here are what we get that reheat quite well:
    --bbq pork buns, baked ( sprinkle w/ water, cover and nuke briefly. eat right away (nuking can make bready items like this- get hard after they cool.)
    -- shrimp and taro cakes- toaster oven at 300-350 about 10 min.
    -- shrimp filled eggplant sandwiches- cover and nuke on high
    - steamed shrimp dumplings (hargau)- cover and steam few minutes (will fall apart if over-steamed.)

    now that you've told how the clams w/ bl bean sauce come over noodles (brilliant!) i def want to get this dish next visit. thx much for the report. nice to learn about the less talked-about dishes. BTW, what are the shrimp noodles?