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Ras el Hanout in Tucson?

Where can I find Ras el Hanout in Tucson? Checked Penzey's, they don't have it.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Check out this site from Canada

      The have the most interesting Ras el Hanout I have ever tasted.


      Here"s the link for the Ras

      1. Maybe try Caravan Mid-Eastern Foods or Babylon Market. There's also a grocery store connected with the Nur Middle-Eastern Restaurant that carries some hard-to-find items. A friend in Tucson is a member at The Food Conspiracy Co-op and asked them about Ras el Hanout just recently. They said they'd special order it for her. Theirs is the organic blend from Frontier Herbs. I think it's about $5 for a 2 oz jar or about $35 for a pound. Of course, special ordering means you can't see it or smell it before you buy.

        Great to know about the blend at spicetrekkers.com though, hypomyces. I'm going to try it.

        1. Try Lee Lee Market on W Orange Grove. They carry most international foods, spices and condiments.

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          1. I found Ras el Hanout at Williams Sonoma at La Encantada, for $7 (in case folks find this thread later).

            1. Two years ago there was a tiny spice store called FlavorBank in the El Mercado center at SEC Broadway and Wilmot where I bought Ras el Hanout. I emphasize "two yrs ago" having in mind The New Yorker's advice, "Musicians and nightclub proprietors..." (and eccentric shopkeepers) " live complicated lives; it's advisable to check in advance...."

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                El Mercado is being demolished to become a drug store. I forget which but either a Wallgreens or CVS.

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                  What a relief! There isn't a Walgreen's or CVS within a half-mile of there. (Snark, shutting off).

                  Seriously,El Mercado used to be a place where there was always a new, somewhat different restaurant to go and check out. It makes me sad to see it being torn down, but it is old and maybe wasn't up to code or something. Sad anyway, especially since a drug store is going in there.