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Best "mid" priced French?

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I am craving a meal from the Entrecote chains in Paris- entrecote with mustard cream sauce and fries. A beautiful salad to start. It must be in the ~$20/30 or less range for entrees. Where is the best place for this kind of meal?

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  1. La Voile, Petit Robert and Pierrot all come to mind. Of these, La Voile is my favorite.

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      While I agree with teezeetoo that La Voile and Pierrot are the best in general for French, if you are really craving Entrecôte with mustard cream sauce and fries the version at Gaslight is solid.

      If you're just looking for French in general at this price, I'd go with La Voile/Pierrot.

    2. Third La Voile. We had steak frites for lunch (choice of garlic butter, or red wine shallot sauce) at lunch and it came with a portion of good green salad on the side. I have never been to the other places mentioned.