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Nov 25, 2012 03:19 PM

Greek Food in Irvington

So reading all these wonderful reviews....Has anyone been to MP Taverna? Want to go so badly! Thanks for the info!

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  1. There are a few active threads with some reviews (including mine-- we loved it).

    They seem to still be closed due to the damage they sustained during the storm, fyi.

    1. I haven't been yet but as soon as they reopen I'm planning on going. I believe they had some severe water damage so it may be awhile. Westchester magazine has an article about MP in this months magazine, the picture showed beautiful wood floors, I'm sure they must all be destroyed. So sad.

      1. We really like MP Taverna. Good food, service and value. I do hope they reopen soon.

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          Good to know....THey got a wonderful review in the Westcheter. Want to send parents a gift certificate....Thanks for the tip that they are closed.

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            From the Open Table booking results, it looks like they are reopening on Monday, 12/10.

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                So happy to hear that. Best of luck to them and all the other waterfront places that had to close.

            1. So happy they're open again! I made a reservation for his month. Hope they bounce back.

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                The food is as good if not better than ever. I have been three times since it re-opened- generally with three or four people. I like just ordering the appetizers: it gives you a chance to really see the kind of food they are doing.

                I love the dips, particularly the chick pea, although the group usually votes for the yoghourt. The octopus is incredible. Meaty and tender; occasionally they oversalt the water, and it that can be a problem, but if you ask the kitchen to keep saline levels low, they will tell you they can't do anything because it is pre made, but somehow it comes to the table perfectly seasoned.

                The Cypriot lamb sausage is also a gem. Wonderful.

                We had the scallops last time, and again beautifully cooked.

                Crispy cod, not quite crispy enough but very tasty.

                I am local enough that I can go once a week' the prices are low enough that it does not seem like an extravagance.

              2. My husband and I went Saturday night. We were surprised to be able to get a 7:30 Open Table reservation just a couple of days before. When we got there it was packed, but we were seated immediately.

                We had a table in a corner, so didn't run into the problems some people have mentioned of waiters squeezing by them, etc. The tables are very close together.

                The service was pleasant and hitch free. Loved the bread. We shared the 3 dips for an app. It came with lots of pita and we also got the cucumber. They were all excellent. I got the dumplings, which were a wonderful combination of textures and flavors. My husband had a grilled whole fish, I forget which one, bronzino maybe? In any case, he said they did a very nice job. I ordered one of their special cocktails, which was nothing remarkable. I've had more interesting cocktails other places and next time I'll probably go with wine. The galatikbourikos (sp?) for dessert was delicious.

                We will definitely be back.