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Nov 25, 2012 02:23 PM

Holiday Themed Cupcakes

I am looking to order some delicious holiday themed cupcakes for a Xmas party with my family. I would prefer an American Buttercream, any suggestions for bakeries you know do something festive (flavour wise and/or decoration)?
Thank you.

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  1. my recommendation for cupcakes is always The Sweet Escape in the Distillery

    1. Have you tried Prairie Girl? It's definitely American buttercream and they are always very fresh... beyond that I have mixed feelings. They have seasonal plastic or sugar toppers (at a price) and last December they did an awesome eggnog icing (which made up for the bland vanilla cake), and ginger icing on chocolate which wasn't as good even though I much prefer the chocolate cake. They also do peppermint on chocolate as a standard flavour which could pass for seasonal.

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        That's helpful. I do really like prairie girl as well. Thank you!

        1. re: hungryabbey

          I'm really hoping for a return of the eggnog icing next's probably my all-time favourite flavour there, even despite the vanilla cake base.

      2. I can't speak to taste (not a cupcake fan) but I did notice packages of 12 minis at Summerhill Market - and there were multiple Xmas themed toppings. But they looked attractive enough to stop me in my shopping.
        Didn't notice whether they were 'supplied' or baked in-house