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Nov 25, 2012 02:17 PM

Local Bread Questions: Pain d'Avignon; TrJ (Iggy's?)

Has anyone seen a local store that sells the Crnberry Raisin Pecan Bread from Pain d'Avignon (in Hyannis)? My Love regularly eats the Pig's Fly Harvest Bread and recently read about the P d'A version. TIA.

Has anyone noticed that the exterior of the " Pane Italiano " at Tr J looks just like Iggy's Francese?
I just tried the PI but it is not the same as Francese; it's firmer (not hole-filled) and not as tangy/sourdough. Because it looks so identical, I'm guesing that Iggy's makes it for TrJ (at least the regional ones) and that it is a tweak of one of Iggy's breads. Anyone else had it?

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  1. Wow ... abbreviations hurting brain...

    Iggy's sells small loaves of raisin/pecan and cranberry/pecan at the Cambridge store. Do not know the PdA or PsF versions, but probably worth a look.

    1. Whole foods Cambridge St used to carry Pain D'avignon products, I'd give them a call.

      1. Whole Foods frequently carries the Iggy's Fruit/Nut breads as well

        1. Iggy's does not make any bread for Trader Joe's, or any other labels...The Pain D'Avignon cran/Pecan is basically the same recipe as Iggy's, but I think Iggy's ovens make the bread less compact than theirs...You can also get it in 1.5# sliced loaves at some WF, the rolls are in almost all of their single baked-goods displays...

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            gg, i don't know your source on that Iggys info, but it wouldn't surprise me. What a unique and special Iggy's. I was just so surprised that that TrJ bread looked so identical to the Francese (have you seen it?) Btw, would you plse help me understand how an oven makes a bread more or less compact than another? is this about convection heat?

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              I've done some consulting for them, and had to eat HUGE amounts of bread...;) You're right, they look similar on the outside, but the Francese is in a class by itself...To me, it's the quintessential bread...
              They are indeed special; these guys have a spring water filter that they put tap water thru to energize their water...Totally into every detail!
              I have no idea what makes one bread denser than another, or more compact, but my guess was that it was something to do with the convection, or the surface of the oven floor, or?????
              All I know was, when I was doing the Taste of WGBH, I saw Pain d'Avignon, and was surprised to see that their breads looked like they hadn't risen enough...They just looked littler, and not because they were smaller, or lighter...I'll ask...

              I know some of their recipes seem to overlap, but some of them are miles apart...Put baguettes from the two places next to each other, and you'll see what I mean..

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                yes, i found out about those baguettes when i was at savenor's one day getting a sdwch. Strangely enough, they offer no baguette for their sdwches and I don't care for the type of bread they use(can't believe it, but apparently it's my revered iggy's.) Anyway, they sell, that TEENY store, THREE diff baguettes! so i handed them one from Pain d'A for my sdwch and....i wasn't thrilled. Francese is my treasure; "has been and always will be", but boy those holes are a drag......

                Anyway, with the help of this thread's posters, My Love tried the crnbrry nut at Mahmoud's,Iggy's,Pain d'A., and his standby, Iggy's , got the vote. And he said just what you said- the Pain d'A is denser and 'not as good a texture' as Iggy's. Could be alot of things iiuc.Makeup of leavener, length of rise, ...... San Fran has Acme; we have Iggy's. Are we lucky or what? :-}

          2. Mamadou's in Winchester, while not as dense, is delish (I remember cranberry and pecan, not sure that it included raisin). I bought one this weekend and took their advice to turn it into an excellent leftover turkey sandwich.

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              Japonaise makes wonderful cranberry walnut rolls. I'm always torn between the ahn doughnuts and those rolls.