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Nov 25, 2012 01:57 PM

Leftover cheese! (What to do with it?)

I somehow wound up with a cheese tray from Thanksgiving and I don't know what to do with it. DH asked that I make some macaroni and cheese, but it seems like there has to be something else to do with it. The tray has Cremont, Gruyere, Morbier and Sarvecchio cheeses on it. They seem to be decent quality and all were pretty tasty, but the pound or so of cheese that's left is way too much for the two of us to finish by just snacking on it. Any ideas for what I can do with these cheeses so they don't go to waste? And could I freeze them?

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  1. These are excellent, nice to serve around the holidays with drinks (champagne?) and you can sub. basically any hardish cheese for the parmesan. Is the gruyere soft or aged?

    1. The Sarvecchio should hold, good for grating on pasta and such, no? The Gruyere would make a great fondue or baked pasta. Morbier for a quiche or potato gratin. Haven't had Cremont, but that's one I would be most likely to have on crackers/toast or as a base for a bruschetta. You can also take some of the first three and make cheese coins/cookies.

      1. I have to side with your husband on this. That selection sounds like it would make a Wow/Bang/Super mac & cheese. :)

        1. How about a cheese sauce for fondu (left over is tasty in omelets or on noodles).

          Or make a cheese sauce based soup. Broccoli-chicken-cheese is hard to beat.

          Cheese rolled in your favorite deli meat(s) makes tasty snacks (a pound does not go that far).

          1. You had me at Mac and cheese.