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Nov 25, 2012 01:40 PM

Breakfast at Salinas Residence Inn

Last year, my mom and I did quite a bit of traveling around the Central Coast staying in vacation rentals while her house was being worked on. And for three days we were holed up in the Residence Inn in Salinas between moves. Since then I’ve stayed in a few hotels that offer breakfast with a room and have a greater appreciation for the morning buffet here. At the time, the Salinas location offered more hot items, real oatmeal not instant, and plentiful fresh fruits.

Scrambled eggs were horrid but it got better from there. Pretty good fruit salad, made with fresh fruit cut-up on premise. Biscuit was quite decent even if the cheese turned out to "American" rather than the cheddar promised. Use of turkey bacon made it a bit lighter.

After three mornings, I became expert at using the waffle iron. Tips: Use less batter than indicated, count 30 seconds longer than first chime before turning over. The result will be crisper and golden brown.

Residence Inn Salinas
17215 El Rancho Way, Salinas, CA 93907

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