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Nov 25, 2012 01:08 PM

Spanish for weeknight

A group of 6 will be in town the 2nd week in December. We are looking for a spanish restaurant to have dinner thursday night. It seems as if everything we look at is primarily a tapas restaurant. We would prefer a traditional spot. Our hotel is in midtown but we can cab anywhere. Cost is not really an issue. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Barraca in the West Village is fairly traditional and the food is great. They have tapas, but also other appetizers, 6 different paellas and 4 other main courses plus daily specials. Their sangrias are wonderful.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. Have you ever tried sevilla? Some say it's good others disagree. I guess there's not much interest in spanish food. Maybe if someone opened a spanish spot with a 10 course tasting menu they might get some play.

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        Maybe Socarrat, Salinas, or La Fonda del Sol? All of these should have more of an appetizers/entrees menu, although they may be quite short.

        Degustation is a Spanish inspired tasting menu sort of place but it's tiny, counter seating only, and there was a chef change not too long ago. I haven't been back since and have heard mixed reviews of the food.

        There's tons of interest in Spanish food, it's just that it's all tapas--one tapas place begets another I guess! There's Boqueria, Mercat, Salinas, Tertulia, Txikito, Las Ramblas, Tia Pol, Pata Negra, Casa Mono...

        (Note that also in NYC, for a long time, "Spanish" is / was used as a catch-all phrase for "Latin" restaurants.)

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          I think Sevilla has its merits. The basics are, imho, just a tad better than Nacional on 14th.

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            I've never been to Sevilla. My impression is of an old-school Spanish that has been there forever, and is probably decent but not exceptional. Degustation has a 10-course tasting, but it is not traditional and I don't know how it's been since the chef change.

          1. "Noche de entresemana" is Spanish for weeknight.

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            1. Malaga-73rd between first and york-chicken and garlic sauce on the bone..

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                I'd rate Don Pedro's (corner 96th and 2nd av.) much higher than either Malaga or Sevilla. It's a full scale restaurant with a modern take on Spanish food and a very pleasant ambiance. That being said, I also like Barraca.

              2. Hi - where did you go?
                Does anyone know if Mercat is still open? Looks like it closed for health reasons....last Feb.

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                  We weren't blown away by our choices so we had italian.