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Did FAB in Mt Kisco Close?

Walked by today and there is a sign on the door that says closed for business, but doesn't say if it's a permanent thing. The windows are "blacked out" with tarps, etc. I bought a groupcon for them that is good till February, so I was curious as to what their situation is.

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  1. There website says under construction.

    1. Open Table says the restaurant is currently unavailable.

      Groupon was very recent, wasn't it? Within the last couple weeks?

      1. Their phone is still working but it's an old message.

        1. It was definitely a recent Groupon - I think I bought it either this past summer or even fall.

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            I purchased that groupon too. Think I will wait a few weeks and, if it still appears to be closed, contact groupon for a refund.

          2. Yes, the restaurant is 100% closed. A new restaurant will be opening late January. I know this, because I am the new owner. lol. If you contact groupon they will refund you your money.

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              What kind of restaurant is taking it's place?

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                intriguing...what are you planning?

                1. re: MRS

                  Dissimilar from FAB. We redoing the entire interior.

                  Food: American eclectic gourmet, with touch of Italian.

                  Atmosphere: trendy, yet still comfortable. Beautiful new bar and lounge area with custom furniture and lighting. Ability to separate Dining room, which sits approx 65. Plasma fire places, glass wine room, etc.

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                    sounds like a big investment in a tough location head to head with social and lexington good luck

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                      Not going "head to head" with anyone. Both of those places are great. There's plenty of business to go around, and thank you for your input.

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                        Good luck to you! Look forward to seeing what you can do...

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                      Looking forward to it!!! When do you think it will open?

                2. I was just wondering if this is the same Lubic from Eduardos and if it is arent you cannibilizing from the same pool of customers?

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                    Good call......... not an Eduardos fan at all.

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                      Same family, different family member. You are correct in that its the same pool (kisco, katonah, Bedford, etc), however that is a huge pool 50k plus people, and that doesn't count the hospitals, MKMG, and all the other people who work locally. Like I said, there's a bunch of great spots in kisco, I'm just trying to become another one. No competing, just adding.