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Nov 25, 2012 12:33 PM

Bake Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp Recipe

I have some left over u10 raw shrimp from Thanksgiving. Was looking to do them as baked stuffed. Has anyone done these before? looking for a recipe that does not need crab or scallops added. I don't have any on hand. Thank you for any help. Joe.

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  1. Generally, Shrimp Parmigiana/Parmesan is not on my radar and it has rarely been ordered in my past......however, I just had a cousin visit from out of the country and he missed and yearned for New York Italian...or what some would consider Italian American fare.....old school rustic cooking with red sauce.

    To satisfy his craving I went to a local restaurant and had his favorites made for him on a Hot Antipasto platter. One of the items requested was Shrimp Parmigiana. Here, they took U-8 Shrimp, Butterflied, Dipped in Flour & Egg, and added Fresh Mozzarella....Then coated in Seasoned Breadcrumbs. Baked off and then topped with Marinara. They looked like mini Cutlets. and were quite good.

    1. Crabmeat is traditional, but since you don't want that, you could most likely stuff them with whatever you want to. And from your post it sounds like you want to stuff them with what you have on hand. So what do you have "on hand"?

      1. A restaurant we used to go to stuffed them with a small piece of mozzarella and then wrapped with bacon. My memory fails as to whether they were cooked under a broiler or in a skillet.

        I think they would be very good stuffed with a traditional "Thanksgiving" cornbread stuffing and then baked. A strip of bacon around that wouldn't hurt any either.

        Although it would kind of be a shame to chop up shrimp that big you could sacrifice a couple to make stuffing for the rest.