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Nov 25, 2012 12:24 PM

Anything NEW in Rego Park or Middle Village?

Less than a month until our annual visit to my parents' home in Middle Village. We'll be returning to some of our favorite restaurants in the area---Ben's Best, Golden Harbor Chinese, Gyro Grill, London Lennie's, Rosa's pizza in Maspeth---but we're always up for something new and delicious. Anything new we should try? Thanks!

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  1. In Rego Park, I'd recommend Istanbul (very good Turkish) and Cheburechnaya (good Bukharan, festive, loud and crazy atmosphere on Saturday nights).

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      Both those places are good, but have been here a long time. There's nothing "new" in Rego Park, unfortunately, at least in terms of unique or really good. There's a little hole in the wall falafel place on Wetherole called Grill House that's not bad for what it is, and Bamboo-Ya, a fairly new Japanese/sushi place on the blvd. OK, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    2. Thank you both for replying. JRogan, Istanbul has been a favorite of ours for years; I don't know how I left that off my list!
      EricMM, I was afraid of that...