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Nov 25, 2012 12:03 PM

ISO FrashTurkey Drippings

My family goes crazy over gravy!
In preparation for our annual Christmas gathering, I would like to make more of the five alarm, coronary-inducing sauce than my bird will render. Does anyone know of a source for pure, fresh turkey drippings anywhere in the GTA? Thank you.

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  1. Sorry folks! Chowhound could benefit from a spellcheck option...Nevertheless, ISO fresh turkey drippings...

    1. Here's what I do to make really good Turkey gravy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. During the holiday season, you normally see utility grade Turkeys go on sale for about $0.79-$1/lb in Supermarkets. Their pretty much the same as their Grade A counterparts, except their missing a limb, torn skin, or some other blemish.

      Buy one of these birds ($5-6), break it all down, roast them along with some herbs and vegetables. Place all your ingredients into a pressure cooker or slow cooker, and when you're done, you'll have amazing gravy that's cheaper and better than store-bought stock.

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        Or source a good butcher that sells "frash" stock which is a little quicker than having to cook an additional bird.

      2. I usually get 2 turkeys (so I don't have to fight for the dark meat), spatchcock/butterfly them (so they'll both fit in the oven), and then make stock with the necks & backbones while the birds are brining. That way the stock is done, cooled & fat risen to the top before I need to make the gravy. = lots of good turkey gravy + me a little more relaxed & less rushed.
        (I can then add any drippings & pan juices to enhance to lovely flavour!)

        1. Alternately you should be able to buy some turkey parts in a store and make your own. Perhaps a butcher will give you some (otherwise) discarded bones, skin and sundry pieces.


          1. Prometheus, I have searched with no luck for both chicken/turkey "schmaltz" as well as turkey trimmings from local places that work with turkeys. I've been stumped.
            Substitute: My local Metro store does sell "turkey necks and backs" as well as turkey wings, both cheaply in-season, and I roast them and make stock from these inexpensive parts to create the stock for the gravy, and as a bonus, I get some extra shredded turkey meat for my mushroom-chestnut stuffing with fresh sausage & sage. :-)