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Nov 25, 2012 11:52 AM

Your favorite quick crescent roll recipes?

Sometimes that tube of crescent rolls makes a great quick appetizer, small dinner or (I heard recently) breakfast treat. I like to roll ham, cheese, green chile or some combination of those in single crescents or in a long roll (half or whole tube) and then slice that. I know some folks do way more interesting things. What are your favorite quick crescent roll recipes?

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  1. Canned Salmon, cream cheese, dill and finely diced onion rolled and sliced or spread across half the dough, folded over and cut into circles w/ small biscuit cutter. Mini pizza turnovers w/ favorite pizza toppings, cheese and tomato sauce folded into little triangles. Mini fruit turnovers w/ either home made fruit mixture or canned pie filling folded into triangles(just be sure to use a fork to seal the edges), brush w/ egg white and make a simple glaze w/ confectioners sugar and milk.